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March 13, 2010
2010-03-12 More CPR training, defibrillators can save more lives

On Friday march 12, 2010, a coronor's inquest into the schoolyard death of a 12 year old boy concluded that more CPR training and more defibrillators could have made a difference in the boys outcome, and can definitely save more lives. Click here for the full story.

At the CPR Instructor's Network, we feel sad that the death of a young boy and a formal inquiry was required to conclude the obvious. Our students are often in awe when told less than 10% of the population in Montreal is certified in CPR. The CPR Instructor's Network has been working for years with high schools and elementary schools, driving schools and community groups promoting CPR, providing training, and educationg about the importance of early defibrillation and public access defibrillator programs. At the moment, our nations capital Ottawa, has 10 times the amount of public access defibrillators compared to Montreal.

It is unfortunate that most people take a cpr and/or first aid course either due to government regulations (such as to abide by CSST rules for the workplace in Quebec) or after a lifethreatening emergency of a loved-one (such as after a relative has had a heart attack).

Imagine if the people around you were better able and better equiped to respond to an emergency. CPR and AED training can be accomplished in just a few short hours, and, with a drastic decrease in the cost of AED defibrillators over the past 10 years, a defibrillator can be purchased even for home use. There is really no excuse why a larger portion of our population is not trained in the life saving skills of CPR, and AED defibbrilators are on there way to becoming a standard of care.

For CPR training or AED purchases and needs, the CPR Instructor's Network is the industry leader.

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