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January 5, 2012
2012 New Year's Safety Resolutions

Did you make any resolutions for the New Year?

With the New Year less than a week old, now would be a great time to make our lives and homes safer. Here are a few suggestions:

Take a CPR class - Studies have shown that just by taking a CPR or First Aid class helps reduce the amount of life-threatening emergencies around you... that means you, your loved-ones, friends and co-workers are a lot safer. Organize a CPR c ourse for your home, office, school, workplace, community center, .... We will be glad to teach your courses.

Go on a "Hazard Hunt" - Identify other, possibly new hazards throughout your home or business, and take action to eliminate these risks. As children get older, new or different risks may come-about requiring some child-proofing.


Fall proof your home 82% of accidents to people over the age of 75 are fall related. A home visit by a certified safety professional or occupational therapist will help identify risk factors and tell you what to do to make your home safer. For example you may want to avoid throw rugs or have cracks and uneven pathways repaired. Call us for a home or workplace safety inspection.


Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm in sleeping areas. It is so important to have a CO2 detector in your bedroom to awake and alert you.

Install visible, reflective house numbers - The ambulance and Fire Department need to find houses quickly when responding to an emergency call. Go outside and see how visible your house number would be in the dark. They can lose valuable time searching for the house which could mean the difference between life and death.

Best wishes for 2012! Have a happy, healthy and safe year.

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