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May 23, 2012
Emergency Medical services Week and CPR

May 20 to 26, 2012 is the National Emergency Medical Services Week, an opportunity to recognize and thank the amazing men and women of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) who are out in the community 24-7 helping those in need.


Having EMS personnel in every city (paramedics and ambulance technicians to volunteer first responders) is great, as their jobs save lives. But just think of all the additional lives that can be saved if more people learn CPR. It is an obvious statement that if more people learn real CPR, then more people would be alive today. It is unfortunate that many people learn these life-saving skills from TV programs such as ER or Baywatch, or simply procrastinate about taking a class and never actually learn the skills. It should also be noted it is equally unfortunate that all to often, EMS arrives on scene to find nobody performing CPR.


The CPR Instructor Network teaches hundreds of classes every year, corresponding to thousands of students acquiring the skills needed help resuscitate someone in cardio-respiratory arrest. We pride ourselves in that our certified instructors have real-life experience as primary care providers and educators, and can make the serious topic of CPR fun to learn in our classrooms.


Perhaps the advent of EMS Week will urge you and your friends and family to take a CPR class. The skills you learn today may help save a life tomorrow.


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