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August 22, 2009
2009-08-20 Another Drowning in Montreal

2009-08-20 Within the past three weeks, there has been 2 near drownings and 2 actual drownings of children in the Montreal area. The most recent case occured today: ``Child Dies One Day After Being Pulled From Cote-St-Luc Pool`` Click here for the full story.

Jonathan Halpert, former National Lifeguard Instructor and the current director of CPR Instructor's Network Canada states  parents are responsible for their children when in or around a pool, be it a backyard pool or a city public pool. Being near the pool is not enough; Parents must ensure they or someone responsible and capable are supervising their child. Lifeguards cannot watch every person in the pool at the same time. If a  youngchild or weak swimmer is not within arms reach, then they are too far from you.

In addition, parents must know what to do in case of emergency, namely, learn CPR. This weeks events, although tragic, must serve as a wake-up call to parents. Even when at a public pool, the lifeguards may not be readily available or nearby to respond to emergencies.

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