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March 22, 2011
AED in Schools: EMSB could do more!

The English Montreal School Board, EMSB, has recently anounced that they will be placing an automated external defibrillator in every one of their schools. To see the full story, click here.

The EMSB is doing the right thing by making emergency medical care readily accessible in all its facilities. But, at the same time, the school board can do much more by ensuring all of its students are trained in CPR. Every student, teacher and staff member is capable of saving a life.

CPR training can easily be added to the curriculum.

The CPR Instructor's Network has been working with a number of schools in the Montreal area, including some EMSB schools, providing CPR training to the students as part of their phys.ed program, health and safety program or leadership development program. Unfortunately, CPR training is not a mandatory part of the curriculum for the EMSB or other school boards. Just think... in other juristictions, high school students are required to complete CPR training in order to be eligible to graduate.

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