emergency lunch seminars


Emergency Preparedness “Brown Bag” Lunch Seminars

Protect your most important assets - your employees.
Protecting your employees when they are at work is your responsibility, and giving them the tools to protect themselves at home just makes sense. Are your employees prepared at home for the next emergency? While some may be, most are not. If there is a major emergency, this will affect your company and your employees as your employees struggle to get their lives back in order.


CPR Network makes it easy for everyone to be prepared!
Our informative Emergency Preparedness "Brown Bag" Lunch Seminar is designed to teach your employees how to put a home emergency plan together so they are prepared in the event of any emergency. They will learn how to properly respond and what equipment and supplies they will need in the event of any emergency.


In addition to Emergency Preparedness, other “Brown Bag” Lunch Seminars include: Prevention and recognition of life-threatening emergencies, Presentation of your company’s emergency plan, Proper use of emergency equipment (oxygen, fire extinguishers, first aid kits), Workplace violence, Cardio-Vascular Disease: risks and lifestyle, Building evacuation, Basic principles of pre-hospital emergency care, Common medical emergencies, and more


Create a culture of safety, establish business continuity and make it convenient for your employees to be prepared.