Asthma and Allergies

Would You Know What To Do?

Asthma and Allergies are common medical conditions. Do you have asthma? Are you allergic to foods or medications? If you don’t, there is a high probability that someone in your office does. Would you know what to do?

Originally designed for teachers/educators, this practical and interactive seminar will look at the causes of asthma and anaphylaxis, plus the signs and symptoms, and treatments of these life threatening medical problems.

During the seminar, the presenter will be equipped with hand-out material and puffer/EpiPen trainers for demonstration/practice.

Our workplace and corporate seminars can be 30 minutes to hours, interactive or lecture style and focus on the educational needs of your group.  Chose from one of our focus lectures, or tell us what health related topic may be relevant to your group.

Or, if you require certification, we can teach you the "EpiPen Course"-- First Aid Management for Anaphylaxis.

Administration of Epinephrine for Severe Anaphyalactic Type Allergic Reactions 

This nationally recognized course with certification by the Heart and Stroke Foundation is often known colloquially as the ‘epi-pen course’. Recommended for: Forestry workers, Teachers/Daycare workers, Camps & schools, Parents of anaphylactic children, Workplaces with anaphylactic adults,

Format: one session of about 4 hours. Prerequisite: CPR level A+



NEW: 'Epi in Schools'

This course requires 1.5 hours of time and legally permits teachers and school staff to use the auto-injector to treat severe allergies. More info...


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