What if every student in your school knew how to save a life!


The CPR Instructor’s Network offers a unique and graduated training program for young children in elementary school to teen-aged high school students.

By adapting to the needs and abilities of each age group, our presentation and practice sessions make learning pleasant and entertaining for all.

Grade K to 2: A 45 to 60 minute interactive “hands-on” session that teaches the youngest students how to prevent, recognize and react safely in times of an emergency; how to call for an ambulance effectively; and the basic techniques to help someone choking.

Grade 3 to 4: Starting with the same basics as the grade K-2 group, this 75 to 90 minute session goes on to teach about bleeding and how to control serious bleeding; about burns and how to treat a burn; and more on choking.

Grade 5 to 6: This 90 to 120 minute session begins like the grade 3-4 group, and continues with fractures and sprains, poisons, common medical problems such as asthma and allergies, and an introduction to CPR.

High School: Students in high school (and their teachers, too) typically take a certified CPR or First Aid course. The ‘HeartSaver’ or ‘HeartSaver with AED Training’ are two common CPR courses that can be taught within 3 to 4 hours.

The sessions are taught to regular classroom groupings in the classroom or the gym.

The content and times vary to accommodate the maturity, ability and attention span of each age group.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening sessions are available.

An entire school can be trained in a few days.


Depending on class size and scheduling, cost could be as little as $5 per student.

Handout material provided. All students receive a certificate of participation.


Certification for CPR, AED, and First Aid courses by Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Cost for these courses may vary between $20 and $80, depending on course length and number of participants.