Safety Scrambled Words

Take care and be aware

Sometimes dangerous situations are hidden or you're not aware of them. See if you can unscramble the bold words in each sentence that will help keep you safe.


1.    Be aware of lesalgire.
: Some people can have serious reactions to nuts, insect stings and other sensitivities.

2.    Always wear your tmehle and safety pads.
: Protect your head, knees and elbows from spills on your bike, skateboard or roller blades.

3.    Never play near electrical srewi.
: You'll be shocked at how dangerous power lines are.

4.    Always swim with a duybd and only in water you know well.
: Swimming with friend is more fun and safer too.

5.    Use a gthil and be bright at night.
: When the sun goes down make sure you can be seen.

6.    Don't be afraid to letl someone when you're sick or injured.
: If you are hurt or feeling bad get someone to help you right away.





Answers to Word Scramble
1. allergies 2. helmet 3. wires 4. buddy 5. light 6. tell