Crossword Puzzle

Ambulances rush as fast as they can to every emergency. There are lots of important things you can do to help before they arrive.

 Use the clues to find the words.




1.    Clear a PATH so the paramedics can move their equipment faster.


2.    Make sure the house lights are on so paramedics can see the __________.


3.    Always _______ the door so the paramedics can get in to provide treatment.


4.    Calm the person who is sick or injured by reminding them that ____________ are on their way.


5.    If somebody hurts their back or neck always keep them ______.




1.    Have someone stand __________ to show the paramedics where to go.


6.    Apply direct ____________ to a bleeding wound.


7.    Put all _____ in another room so they don't get in the way.


8.    Learn how to perform _____. It can save a life.


9.    If you hear a _______ coming towards you, get to the side of the road.


10. In a medical emergency ______ 9-1-1 to get an ambulance.



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1 - Path
2 - Address
3 - Unlock
4 - Paramedics
5 - Still



1 - Outside
6- Pressure
7 - Pets
8 - CPR
9- Siren
10 - Dial