In Quebec, the Quebec Act with respect to childcare centres and childcare services require that employers have first-aid workers on site at the workplace during working hours, mainly to ensure that first-aid and lifesaving treatments are always available.

Daycare CPR and First Aid "PSSG-Premier Soins Service de Garde"

Younger children are the most susceptible to having accidents and it is essential that the persons who care for them know what action to take in case of an emergency.

This is why the Quebec Act with respect to childcare centres and childcare services (R.S.Q. c. C-8.2, a. 73) states that a day care centre permit holder shall ensure that each of his/her staff members holds a certificate dating back no more than 3 years and attesting that the member has successfully completed a general first-aid course of at least 8 hours, or a refresher course of at least 6 hours intended to update the knowledge acquired in the course referred to in paragraph 1.

CPR-FirstAid is mandatory training for all day care workers: A first aid certificate is required for all childcare centre workers, from the preschool helper to the caretaker to the cook.

Topics of the PSSG course include:

The common accidents in childcare centres Physiology and anatomy The intervention plans Choking emergencies Artificial respiration Cardiopulmonary resuscitation specific to the paediatric patient Haemorrhages and wounds Burns Shock: its causes, signs and symptoms Signs and symptoms of fractures Poison Medical emergencies

This course is offered frequently, or can be scheduled for your daycare for a minimum of 5 participants

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