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Emergency Preparedness Program

At the CPR Instructor’s Network, we know that your employees are your most valuable assets. And this is why we developed emergency preparedness training programs that will assure their safety, protecting them from further harm and your company from liability, in the event of an emergency.


We offer a variety of valuable training programs - CPR, First Aid, AED, Building Evacuation, Emergency Command and Management, and more - that are all taught by experienced experts according to current best practices.

We also know that every company is different, which is why we will customize a training program to meet your company's specific needs. Whether your company has 5 employees or 500, let the CPR Instructor's Network better prepare you for any emergency. 


Would your employees know what to do in an emergency?


Emergency Action Plan

Reduce your risk with an updated emergency action plan.
Did you know that you could be liable if you do not meet the required safety standards for your organization? Current best practices, including provincial and federal workplace safety boards, require that employers with 10 or more employees must:

1.    Have a written emergency action preparedness program that describes what actions employers must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergency.

2.    Designate and train a sufficient number of employees to assist in a safe and orderly evacuation of other employees.

Most companies think they have a comprehensive emergency plan.
But the truth is, most do not. Many plans are outdated, lack specific detail and have never been fully implemented. The only way to really assure the safety of your employees and reduce your company's liability is to update your plan regularly and put it into action by training your employees and testing its effectiveness.


Preparedness = Consultation and Training


The CPR Network does not just provide an emergency plan (consultation) -- we help you implement the plan (training).


Emergency Preparedness Training

Protect your employees. Protect your family. Be Prepared.

CPR Network knows that being prepared in an emergency - with the right equipment and training - can make all the difference in saving lives and property.

CPR Network makes it easy to be prepared.

CPR Network is a leading provider of emergency preparedness consulting, training and supplies offering businesses customized, turn-key emergency preparedness solutions that reduce liability, are easy to implement and assure the safety of employees in the event of an emergency.

We make it easy to be safe.

Our low-stress training programs give your employees the confidence to properly and quickly respond in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Response Teams

Who will lead you in an emergency?

We also assemble and train Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and provide them with ongoing training and personal safety tools. These people will be your leaders in time of an emergency.  We even help you to promote and generate interest in the training session to assure it is well attended.

On-site training at your business
CPR Network provides training at your facility for groups only. We will come to your office, factory, warehouse….


Let us customize an emergency preparedness program for your company.
Establish a culture of safety at your company. Let our experienced training staff work with you to determine which training programs are best for your company. We recommend that you develop a comprehensive program which will be more effective and save you money