Kitchen Safety

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in your house for infants and children.

The CPR Instructor’s Network would like to offer these important kitchen safety tips.

·         Use rear stove elements as much as possible - keeping hot pots as far from your child's reach as possible.

·         Keep stools, chairs away from the stove.

·         Keep electrical cords from kitchen appliances tied up and placed as far away as possible from your child's reach.

·         Keep cleaning chemicals, medications (this includes vitamins and mineral supplements) in a secured cupboard well away from child's access.

·         Plastic bags are abundant in any kitchen; they are a choking and suffocating hazard to your child.

·         Use childproof door latches on all kitchen cupboard doors and place protective covers on all electrical outlets.

·         To avoid painful burns, set water tank temperature at no more than 49 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit).

·         Always use the safety harness/belt that comes with your highchair. Refer to the user guide for proper setup and usage. Watch out for those tiny fingers when adjusting the highchair's tray.

·         Make sure that all foods are not too hot, and are small enough to prevent choking.

·         Teach your child that the stove is a "hot spot".

·         Keep knives away from your children’s reach.

·         Avoid using tablecloths - children love to pull on them (thus causing items on the table to fall off).

The CPR Instructor’s Network encourages parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers to take a CPR and first aid course - the life you save could be someone you know!