Bedroom Safety

Ensuring your child's health and safety are one of the most important responsibilities that you have as a parent.

When caring for your child, remember to keep these vital safety tips in mind:

·         When purchasing a crib, whether from a retail outlet or a garage sale, make certain that the crib is one that has been manufactured after 1986, meeting all CSA standards.

·         Studies have demonstrated that babies who sleep on their backs, are at far lesser risk of SIDS.

·         Never store chemicals or medicines in the child's bedroom.

·         Keep all powders, lotions and ointments far out of reach of young children

·         Never place cribs, beds, chairs, toy boxes or chests near or under window openings or near electrical outlets/electrical cords.

·         If using a pacifier, inspect it for discoloration, cracks, holes and tears.

·         Venetian blind cords can be hazardous to your child. Secure the cord up top of the blind and away from cribs or chairs. Place electrical outlet covers on unused outlet openings.

·         Make certain that toy boxes and chests have ventilation holes and that they can be freely opened (having no securing latches or locks).

·         Never place a child on a waterbed - they run a high risk of suffocating.

·         Minimize the amount of pillows, toys and blankets with the child while in the crib.

·         Use a baby monitor at all times.

·         Always have a hand on the baby when on the change table - if you are interrupted by a phone call or door bell, secure the child in a crib.

The CPR Instructor’s Network encourages parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers to take a CPR and first aid course - the life you save could be someone you know!