Bathroom Safety

Never leave your child unattended while in the bathtub!

Remember, it takes only a few seconds and as little as two inches of water for a child to drown. Whether it is the bathtub or back yard pool, follow this simple rule - if you are not within arms reach, you've gone too far!

Here are more bathroom safety tips:

·         To avoid painful burns, set water tank temperature at no more than 49 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit).

·         The water temperature in the tub or basin should not feel cold nor warm when applied to the back of your hand.

·         Keep a minimum amount of water in the bathtub or basin.

·         Keep shampoos, lotions, razors and soap bars well away from child's reach.

·         Keep all electrical appliances, including hair dryers, curling irons and radios out of the bathroom.

·         Keep cosmetics away from your child's reach.

·         Install childproof locking devices on all bathroom cupboard doors.

·         When filled with water, bathtubs are extremely slippery. Install rubber bath mats in the bathtub.

Remember to stay within arms reach at all times.

The CPR Instructor’s Network encourage parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers to take a CPR and first aid course - the life you save could be someone you know.