Child Safety

Children are always questioning and investigating the world in which they live. Homes, playgrounds and schoolyards can be hazardous environments.

According to the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care: "intentional and unintentional injury accounts for 63 per cent of all deaths in Canadians aged 1 to 24."

The leading cause of death in Canadian children is motor vehicle accidents, followed by drowning, burns, choking and falls. For every fatal childhood injury, another 45 injuries will require hospital treatment; about 1,300 more will require a visit to an emergency department and an unknown number will result in a visit to a physician or clinic.

Some of the more common causes of injury include:

·   Falls

·   Drowning

·   Burns, scalds and fire-related deaths

·   Poisoning

·   Suffocation

·   Bicycle and other sports-related injuries

·   Fire-arm related

Remember, there is no substitute for rigorous supervision of children.

The CPR Instructor’s Network urges you to review the following pages and share the information with family, friends and neighbours:

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The CPR Instructor’s Network encourage parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers to take a CPR and first Aid course - the life you save could be someone you know.